Instructor: Computer Science

UW Sheboygan


At the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan campus I teach several classes in Computer Science.


CPS 105 - Computer Applications

Principles and use of computer applications including the Windows XP Operating System, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

CPS 109 - Internet Applications

Locating and evaluating information using Internet services. Simple web page creation.

Applications include Internet Explorer and Firefox Web Browsers, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Front Page, Electronic Mail, Instant Messaging and FTP Client software.

CPS 110 - Introduction to Computers and Computer Programming using Visual Basic 2005

Computer history, how computers work, communicating with computers, areas of application and significance.

The basics of computer programming using Visual Studio 2005. Includes operation of the Visual Basic programming language, design of simple interfaces, algorithms, numeric data, string data, selection structures, loop structures, modules, procedures and file handling.


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Daniel Shurilla
Computer Science
University of Wisconsin Sheboygan
Email: dan.shurilla@uwc.edu