Computer Programming


Computer programming is a necessary skill in today’s research environment. Everything is computer controlled. And everything computer controlled needs software. I write software for Research, the Classroom and for Fun. At the University of Wisconsin Sheboygan I teach Computer Programming to undergraduate students.

I build hardware and write the software that controls it too.

Microsoft Visual Basic is a powerful, object oriented programming language. It is well suited to the tasks of controlling hardware and performing research. Visual Basic is not to be underestimated. Because of its more natural, english like syntax it is easier to learn for the academic, student or casual programmer. Many already know a little BASIC programming. The programmable Scientific Calculator uses a syntax similiar to BASIC. The impressive little 'Basic Stamp' microcontroller ( Parallax, Inc. ) uses a flavor of the BASIC language. In fact, this chip alone can be thought of as a completely programmable IO computer. It is easy to use and programmed with BASIC.

Microsoft Visual Basic creates software with a standard Windows interface. The programs created are fast and easy to use. Because BASIC is easily understood it affords everyone the opportunity to write and modify their own software. Everyone can have input into how their software works.






The more you understand your software
the better the data you generate.

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