Pigeon Operant Chamber Software




Working with graduate student David Trejo and professor John C. Moore I have a developed a software program for Pigeon research at the Operant Conditioning Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Written using Visual Basic the software uses Digital Input and Output to control three peck keys, seven stimulus lights and a food hopper. The program generates a Multiple Stimulus - Variable Interval (VI) schedule specially designed by Trejo. For each session a programmed schedule and stimuli set are presented to the pigeon and the responses are recorded. All session information is saved and a data file is written to the computer in Excel spreadsheet form. Research is ongoing and Trejo is working to use the collected data for his PhD Dissertation.





Daniel Shurilla
Electronic Research Technician
Email: dannys@shurilla.com

David M. Trejo, M.S.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Operant Conditioning Laboratory
Email: dmtrejo@uwm.edu

John C. Moore, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Email: jcm@uwm.edu